About us

The German association of doctoral researcher („Bundesverband Promovierende e.V.“) aim to unite local PhD representations in a democratic umbrella organisation. We fight for furtherance of the scientific community by supporting its most import resource – the researchers.The majority of researcher at institutes in Germany are employed as doctoral researchers or short PhDs. We have the firm opinion that a overall good conditions for employment and research the science community in Germany is able to attract and employ the best qualified people worldwide. We aim to contribute to facilitate this vision.

The „Bundesverbands Promovierende e.V.“ is a charitable society of doctoral councils of German universities and comparable institutions.

Map of Germany with markings of universities represented by us, those with have a doctoral council and those who do not have a doctoral representation yet.


Our society has four forms of membership.

Active members can be whom is working as doctoral researcher at a German institution. You can join all of our meetings, contribute in working groups of ours, and vote in our discussions together with other members of your university.

Passive members can support our work even if they do not or no longer fulfill the requirements for the active membership. But they have no voting rights in our meetings.

Sponsoring members support us financially without influencing our political work or taking part in any other way in our work.

Honorable members have done some extraordinary deeds for our society and are chosen by vote in our general meetings.

Executive council

Elected annually in the general meeting, our executive council is formed by active members. This council is formed to have a better coordination of the club and a direct representation in the political landscape. The executive council is always in contact with the members, the working groups, and local doctoral representations.

Working groups

The work of our association is not solely performed by the executive board. The majority of work is performed in working groups which will discuss problems, develop political positions, and organize a diversity of projects. In those working groups every active and passive member can partake and elaborate on improving the lifes of doctoral researches in Germany.